What We Do

PDC Inc. is proudly outsourced by multi-billion dollar brands seeking to supplement the sales revenue generated by their in-house sales teams. By building relationships with their customers in person, rather than blanketly advertising to a general population, we are quickly able to increase market penetration. Thanks to genuine rapport, eye contact, and a firm handshake, we are able to obtain the customers that our clients have been trying to reach for years. We guarantee our clients optimal profitability and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our promises and our results speak for themselves.

What We Excel In


Stellar Services

Sales Coaching

In order to stay relevant and win over customers, we need to understand your customer’s purpose. Your customers are our number one priority; people only buy from people they trust and like. We build relationships, understand what your customer needs, and know that it’s imperative to leave your customers happy. The key to excellence is time and preparation. We help drive innovation and invest in our people. We know that when our people thrive, your business thrives. When it comes to sales and coaching we spend quality time training and coaching our team for success.

Business Development

We help businesses expand and grow to create long-term value for our clients. PDC INC delivers the personal touch that only a small business can offer. We’ll get to know your most important customers, find out what makes them tick, and in turn, deliver a solution that is custom-designed to fit their respective needs. Moreover, we’ll make use of the most current research, planning, and campaign tools, ensuring a seamless transition between your brand and ours. We increase market penetration by extending your marketing efforts beyond traditional advertising, reaching customers who’ve been unattainable in the past. Capitalizing on best practices and maintaining impeccable integrity, we reduce buyer’s remorse and customer attrition.


Management Coaching

 We have designed our companies training program to place the focus on management as a tool. Time management. Priority management. Financial management. PDC inc is here to give the same opportunity to everyone, if you are looking to grow and lead others, and lead leaders. Become aware and conscious of your impact? Look no further. PDC Inc. Thrives on our growth-oriented opportunity, we are a people helping people business how can you not back that.

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